Chip Tynadle’s Vieux Carré

A winning Vieux Carré that dials back the sweet vermouth, letting the spirits shine.

100-pt Julep

Chris Amirault’s homage to the popular Cynar Julep is bolstered with high-proof rhum and vanilla syrup.

Cheng’s Neapolitan Fizz

Shelby Minnix's cocktail calls on the classic trio found in Neapolitan ice cream: Cynar for chocolate, Frangelico for vanilla and Campari for strawberry.

Vernon’s Cloak

A variation of the Navy Grog, one of Sam Miller’s favorite tiki classics, whose bitterness is tempered by a hint of baking spice and honey.

Choke the Mule

Michael Kaufmann's take on classic mule combines a tequila blend with Cynar 70, which stands up the spicy homemade ginger syrup.


Shannon Mustipher’s Outlaw was born from a “Manhattan template based on a funky Jamaican rum” that she’s been tinkering with for over a decade.